2e Resources

Some organizations and resources support gifted children and their families. Some support LD kids and their families. But until recently, there have been few organizations and resources directed squarely at the intersection of giftedness and learning difficulties.

This website and our publications were created to meet this need. Our focus is twice-exceptional children, and we provide information and resources on raising them, educating them, and meeting their social and emotional needs. Our audience is the community of parents, educators, advocates, and other professionals who help 2e children reach their potential.

Use the resources provided here to find books for and about 2e kids and twice-exceptionality; schools and programs for 2e children; a place to find or recommend service providers knowledgeable about twice exceptionality; "The Mythology of Learning," a series of articles to help you better understand twice-exceptional students; and a list of links you might find useful as you learn more about the combination of giftedness and Learning challenges.