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March/April, 2018

Focus: Digital learning

Publishers' Letter – Read an introduction to this issue.

Learning in a Virtual Classroom: The Davidson Academy Online A high school for profoundly gifted students in Nevada now gives gifted and 2e learners living anywhere in the U.S. the chance to attend online. (Available to subscribers)

Online Enrichment: Courses from GHF Online
The organization GHF offers learning and enrichment to gifted and 2e children anywhere in the world. (Available to subscribers)

On-the-Move Learning: Podcasts from The Walking Classroom A non-profit organization develops educational programming that integrates physical activity with digitial learning. (Available to subscribers)

Replacing Classroom Instruction with Online Instruction Online instruction helped educators put a struggling 2e student on a path to success. (Available to subscribers)

Resources for Digital Learning. Read it.

Annual Summer Camp Listing. Read it.

News from the 2e Center The second of three columns looking at profiles of 2e students with dyslexia, ADHD, and ASD, and practical ways to meet their needs. Read it.

Dear Dr. Sylvia: Gifted Child Needs Social Skills Help. Read it.

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January/February, 2018

Focus: Advocating for 2e children

Publishers' Letter – Read an introduction to this issue.

Advocating for Twice-exceptional Children  A look at advocacy at the federal and state levels and tips from NAGC’s director of government relations on ways to make legislation serve the needs of 2e kids. Read it.

Organizing for Advocacy  How Twice exceptional Children's Advocacy came to be and the benefits that come when parents work together for change. Read it.

Resources for Education Advocacy  Websites and other resources to help parents become effective advocates for their 2e children. Read it.

From Misconception to Evidence-based Understanding  Strategies to help parents become more effective advocates. Read it.

Conference Coverage: NAGC 2017, Part 2 – More highlights from the annual Gifted conference. Read it.

News from the 2e Center  The first of three columns looking at profiles of 2e students with dyslexia, ADHD, and ASD, and practical ways to meet their needs. Read it.

Dear Dr. Sylvia: Gifted Child Needs Challenge. Read it.

Bob Seney On Books: Addressing Diversity Through Literature. Read it.

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