2012 Issues

Issue 50: January 2012

Special Feature: More Ways to Improve School Success for 2e Learners

  • Assistive Technology for the 2e Learner
  • Personalized Gifted Ed in Every Parent's Pocket
  • Using Scaffolding to Help the 2e Learner with Writing
  • Opinions from a Young A.T. Expert
  • Book Review: The Ultimate Guide to Technoloogy in Special Education
  • News
  • Bob Seney on Books: Flavia de Luce and Other Mystery Series
  • Dear Dr. Sylvia: Mom Suspects Dyslexia
  • Events

Issue 51: March 2012

Special Feature: Support for Parents as they Help their Twice-Exceptional Children

  • The Role of Parents in Helping Gifted Children with Learning Problems, by Joyce VanTassel-Baska
  • Support Groups for Parents of Twice-Exceptional Children
  • Getting a Parenting Group off the Ground
  • Q&A with SENG Model Parenting Group Facilitators
  • A Mini-review of A Parent's Guide to Gifted Children
  • Reflections of a Teacher of 2e Students, by Dennis Higgins
  • Real-world Opportunities for Teaching Writing to 2e Students
  • News, Events
  • Conference Coverage: IAGC 2012
  • Dear Dr. Sylvia: Learning and Peer Problems Could be Related

Issue 52: May 2012

Special Feature: "Late Blooming" in Twice-exceptional children

  • Brain Bases of "Late Blooming," by the Drs. Eide
  • Late Bloomers — Reflections by Linda Silverman
  • Anxiety in Gifted and 2e Children and Adolescents, by Megan Foley Nicpon, Ph.D.
  • U.S. Income Tax Considerations for Parents of 2e Childen, Part 1, by Ellen Cook, C.P.A.
  • Annual 2e-Friendly Summer Camp Listing
  • Bob Seney on Books: Inside Out & Back Again.
  • Dr. Sylvia Rimm: Two Educational Exceptionalities are Difficult
  • News and Events in the 2e community

Issue 53: July 2012

Special Feature: Gifted Students with Emotional Disturbance and Behavioral Disorders (EBD)

  • Advocating for Your Gifted Child with EBD, by Marguerite C. Brunner and Tracy M. Missett, Ph.D.
  • Examining the Issues of Twice-Exceptional Students with EBD: A Conversation with an Educator
  • U.S. Income Tax Considerations for Parents of 2e Childen, Part 2, by Ellen Cook, C.P.A.
  • Conference Coverage: CTD and SENG
  • Bob Seney on Books: Wonder
  • Dr. Sylvia Rimm: Second Sibling Discouraged by Older Brother
  • News and Events in the 2e community

Issue 54: September 2012

Special Feature: How Occupational Therapists can Help Twice-exceptional Children

  • Occupational Therapy and 2e Children By Debra A. Johnson, MS, OTR/L
  • Where to Learn More about SPD and Occupational Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy and the 2e Child: A Case Study, by Teri Wiss, M.A., O.T.R./L.
  • Living with Sensory Processing Issues: A First-hand Account, by Peter L. Flom, Ph.D.
  • Conference Coverage: SENG
  • Conference Preview: NAGC 2012
  • Dr. Sylvia Rimm: Smart High School Student is Underachiever
  • News and Events in the 2e community

Issue 55: November 2012

Special Feature: Using the Law to Help 2e Children

  • A Conversation with Allison Hertog, Special Education Lawyer
  • Finding Where You Belong: A Case Study, by Barbara L. Briggs, Esq.
  • Learning More about Special Education Law
  • Twice-Exceptional in Transition: Preparing for the College Landscape, by Kevin J. O’Connor, Ph.D.
  • Limited and Limitless: My Experience as a Twice Exceptional, by Andrew Collins
  • Conference Coverage: NAGC 2012 and the latest Learning & the Brain Conference
  • Dr. Sylvia Rimm: Gifted Children Aren't Always Highly Verbal
  • Bob Seney On Books – Patricia Polacco Does it Again: Bully
  • News and Events in the 2e community

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