2010 Issues

Issue 38: January 2010

Special Feature: Strategies that Work to Iimprove Learning in 2e Kids

  • Instructional Strategies for Gifted/LD Students
  • Providing the Support a 2e Student Needs
  • Too Tired! Energy and Wellness in 2e Children (Part 2), by Marlo Payne Thurman
  • The Mythology of Learning Series, Part 6 − Debunking the Organization Myth
  • Columns: Dear Dr. Sylvia; and Bob Seney on Books
  • Events

Issue 39: March 2010

Special Feature: Different Perspectives on 2e 

  • Twice-exceptional Students: Who Are They and What Do They Need?
  • A Conversation with Professor Nobutaka Matsumura
  • Diamonds in the Rough Conference Coverage: Late, Lost, and Unprepared, How Homeschoolers Help Students who Learn Differently; Three Times Exceptional, The Smart and Anxious Students who Learn Differently; Effective Parenting Based on an Understanding of the Brain; 30 Years of 2e
  • 2010 Summer Camps for the Gifted and 2e
  • Columns: Dear Dr. Sylvia and Bob Seney on Books
  • Events

Issue 40: May 2010

Special Feature: Mental Health Providers

  • Mental Health Providers Serving 2e Children: Which One's Right for Your Child?
  • The Licensed Clinical Social Worker
  • The School Psychologist
  • The Mental Health Counselor
  • Clinical Psychologist
  • The Neuropsychologist
  • The Psychiatrist
  • Resources for Finding a Mental Health Professional
  • The Emotional Toll of Being Twice Exceptional
  • Kids Who Cut
  • Book Review − Wounded by School: Recapturing the Joy in Learning and Standing Up to Old School Culture
  • Columns: Dear Dr. Sylvia; Bob Seney on Books; and Parents' Perspective
  • Events

Issue 41: July 2010

Special Feature: The Transition to Young Adulthood and College

  • Helping Your Young Adult with AD/HD Prepare for Independence
  • Parenting Post-secondary Students with Disabilities: Becoming the Mentor, Advocate, and Guide Your Young Adult Needs
  • The Big Move − Preparing Your 2e Child for the Transition to College
  • Conversation with Matt Wanzenberg, Ph.D. 
  • Conversation with Wendy Eisner, Ph.D.
  • Resources to Help in Making the Transition to College
  • Pat Schuler Joins Editorial Advisory Board
  • Open University of Japan to Air Program on 2e
  • Column: Dear Dr. Sylvia
  • Resource: The Dana Foundation
  • Events

Issue 42: September 2010

Special Feature: The Brain and the Application of  Brain Research 

  • The Brain: A Primer
  • Brain Research and Education: Fad or Foundation?  
  • The Promise and Potential of Response to Intervention (RTI) for 2e Students − and All Students − in Minnesota
  • National Institute for Twice Exceptionality Established
  • NRC/GT to Study STEM Schools of Excellence
  • Dopamine and AD/HD Revisited
  • Second 2e Symposium Announced
  • Profile of Diane Swonk, Economist
  • Columns: Dear Dr. Sylvia and Bob Seney on Books
  • Events

Issue 43: November 2010

Special Feature: Universal Design for Learning and 21st Century Learning

  • Universal Design for Learning: Access for All
  • Using UDL to Meet a 2e Student’s Needs: A Case Study
  • UDL, 21st Century Learning, and the Impact of School Reform for Twice-Exceptional Students
  • Learning about Technology Integration and 21st Century Skills Development
  • Plasticity and the 2e Brain
  • NEWSbits
  • Gifted and Addicted: Perils of the Cyber World
  • Book Review: See It. Say It. Do It!
  • Columns: Dear Dr. Sylvia and Bob Seney on Books
  • Events

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