2008 Issues

Issue 26: January 2008

Special Feature: Learning about 2e

  • Individual Differences in Learning Association
  • IDL Professional Development Training
  • Professional Development and 2e
  • Learning About 2e
  • Website review: The Homeschool Diner
  • NAGC Coverage − Are Traditional High Schools Toxic to Sensitive, Creative Kids?
  • NAGC Coverage: The Forgotten Few: Meeting the Needs of African-American Twice-exceptional Learners; Bullies and the Brain: What Parents Need to Know about Bullying and Their Gifted Child; Celebrate the Differences: Creating Understanding, Support, and Advocacy for Your Twice-Exceptional Child
  • “Head and Heart:” 2007 VAGTC Biennial Conference Coverage − Gifted Self-efficacy
  • Columns: Dear Dr. Sylvia; Bob Seney on Books; Parents' Perspective
  • Events

Issue 27: March 2008

Special Feature: Attention

  • The Gifted Student with AD/HD
  • Study on AD/HD Brain Maturation Raises Questions
  • Boredom: A Surpisingly Interesting Subject
  • Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children IV
  • The WISC-IV, NAGC, and 2e
  • Interview: Dennis Higgins
  • The Achilles Project, a Program for 2e College Students
  • Interview with Wendy Eisner of the Achilles Project
  • In the News
  • Book Review: Expert Approaches to Support Gifted Learners
  • Columns: Dear Dr. Sylvia; and Parents' Perspective
  • Events

Issue 28: May 2008

Special Feature: OCD

  • The Challenges of Parenting and Educating a Gifted Child with OCD
  • Understanding OCD in Children
  • Accommodations for Students with OCD
  • Resources for Dealing with OCD
  • State of Idaho Develops 2e Manual, Training
  • Twice-Exceptional Awareness Week
  • Esther Sinclair, Training Medical and Law Students in Educational Advocacy
  • Book Review − Understanding Your Child's Puzzling Behavior
  • AEGUS 2008 in California: Finding the Keys; and Life Between Two Worlds
  • Summer Camp for Your Kid?
  • The Special Needs Project
  • Columns: Dear Dr. Sylvia; Bob Seney on Books; and Parents' Perspective
  • Events

Issue 29: July 2008

Special Feature: Anxiety and Mood Disorders

  • Anxiety in 2e Kids
  • Depression: Did You Know?
  • Suicide: Did You Know?
  • A Positive Approach to Change in 2e Families
  • The Educators Guild
  • Raising My Bipolar, Gifted Son
  • Recommended Bipolar Resources from Marcia McKinley
  • AEGUS Coverage − Learning Outside the Lines: Understanding Gifted Students who Think Differently; and Characteristics and Interventions for Gifted Students with Asperger Syndrome
  • Smart but Stuck, A Talk by Author Myrna Orenstein, Ph.D.
  • Columns: Dear Dr. Sylvia; Bob Seney on Books; Parents' Perspective
  • Events

Issue 30: September 2008

Special Feature: Language Disorders

  • Why is it So Difficult to Get Treatment for Language Disorders?
  • The Work of a Speech/Language Pathologist
  • Understanding Language Disorders in Children
  • AD/HD or Intensities of Giftedness
  • Assessing Gifted Children with AD/HD, Part 1: The Need for Assessment
  • SENG 2008 Coverage − Finding Common Ground: Developing Relationships between Parents and Educators; plus Navigating the 2e Challenge: Strategies for Secondary Success
  • Book Review − When the Labels Don’t Fit
  • Columns: Dear Dr. Sylvia; and Bob Seney on Books
  • Events

Issue 31: November 2008

Special Feature: The Arts and 2e Children

  • Put On Your Own Oxygen Mask First
  • Resources for Bringing the Arts into the Classroom
  • Sally Smith − Teaching the “Unteachable” through Arts Integration
  • Interview with Mark Jarvis, a Lab School Teacher
  • Integrating the Arts into the Curriculum for Gifted Students
  • Using Collaborative Problem Solving to Address Developmental Delays in Gifted Children
  • A Call for Research Data
  • NAGC Twice-Exceptional Learners: What They Need in Order to Thrive
  • Book Review − Twice-Exceptional Kids
  • Book Review − The Kids' Book Club
  • Columns: Dear Dr. Sylvia; and Parents' Perspective
  • Events

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