2007 Issues

Issue 20: January 2007

Special Feature: The Emotional Side of Ttwice-Exceptional Children

  • When Your Child’s Second Exceptionality is Emotional: Looking Beyond Psychiatric Diagnosis
  • Reducing Stress: Helping Twice-exceptional Students Understand Their Exceptionalities
  • The Affective Side: Emotional Issues of Twice-Exceptional Students
  • CEC’s New President, Mary Ruth Coleman
  • Gifted NAGC 2006: Finding and Supporting Twice-Exceptional Learners in the Classroom
  • Book Review: “Mellow Out,” They Say. If I Only Could
  • Symposium on Exceptional and Gifted Dyslexics: Demographics, Profiles, Causes, and Education
  • Columns: Dear Dr. Sylvia; and Meredith Warshaw, Deciding When to Fight and When to Let Go
  • Events

Issue 21: March 2007

Special Feature: Some Other "e's"

  • Tourette Syndrome and Giftedness, In which Cathy is Overwhelmed by the Combined Simplicity and Complexity of Life with a 2e
  • Advocacy – Transformation from Fruitcake to Powerful Organization
  • Open Congress ­ A Tool for Advocacy
  • The Myth of Well-Roundedness
  • Hearing the Song of Gifted Children with Cerebral Palsy
  • Exceptionalities − Disabilities or Strengths?
  • 12th IAGC Convention – Giftedness, Asperger’s Syndrome: Both or Something Else?
  • Website Review: Tourette Syndrome "Plus" and SchoolBehavior.com
  • Book Review: Quirky Kids: Understanding and Helping Your Child Who Doesn't Fit In − When to Worry and When Not to Worry
  • Columns: Dear Dr. Sylvia; and Bob Seney on Books
  • Events

Issue 22: May 2007

Special Feature: 2e “Down Under"

  • 2e Survey Results Tabulated
  • 2e in New Zealand: Teaching Gifted Students with Learning Disabilities in the Regular Classroom
  • Jack's Story
  • Twice Exceptional − Or the Perils of Parenting a Child Who is Both Gifted and Learning Disabled
  • Electronic Assistive Technology for 2e Student
  • Barriers to Learning in 2e Students
  • Learning & the Brain Conference – The Developing Mind: How Relationships Shape a Child’s Mind
  • This Month in Scientific American Mind
  • Book Review − Gifted and Talented Children with Special Educational Needs: Double Exceptionality
  • Columns: Meredith Warshaw on the Challenge of the 2e Child; Dear Dr. Sylvia; and Bob Seney on Books
  • Events

Issue 23: July 2007

Special Feature: Coping with Sensory Issues

  • Living with Kids with Sensory Issues
  • Recognizing and Coping with Sensory Processing Disorder
  • Resource Review: S.I. Focus Magazine
  • Summertime Challenges and Tips for SPD Families
  • Profile: The Sensory Processing Disorder Resource Center
  • 2e Newsletter Makes EdNews
  • Book Review − Sensational Kids
  • A Profile of Chrysalis School
  • Learning & the Brain Conference − What’s Happening Inside the Brain
  • Learning & the Brain Conference – Research-based Strategies to Ignite Student Memory
  • Learning & the Brain Conference – It’s So Much Work to Be your Friend: Helping Children with Learning Disabilities Find Social Success
  • Learning & the Brain Conference − Becoming a Wiz at Brain-based Teaching: Improving Memory and Learning
  • A Do-It-Yourself Test for Language Impairment and Dyslexia
  • Columns: Dear Dr. Sylvia and Bob Seney on Books
  • Events

Issue 24: September 2007

Special Feature: Tools for Teaching 2e Students

  • Developing a Plan for Collaboration – Bringing Educators and Parents of 2e Students Together
  • Jonathan Mooney: Dyslexic Writer, Activist
  • Response to Intervention and the 2e Student
  • RTI and Reading: Response to Intervention in a Nutshell
  • RTI - Important Terms to Know
  • Response to Intervention: Ten Questions Parents Should Ask
  • 2007 SENG Conference − Survival Tips for 2e Kids
  • Book Review − Teaching Gifted Students With Disabilities
  • Columns: Meredith Warshaw's on Choosing a College; Dear Dr. Sylvia; and Parents' Perspective,  "O Say Can You See, OCD"
  • Events

Issue 25: November 2007

Special Feature: Ways of Helping 2e Kids with Asperger Syndrome

  • Advocacy and Asperger’s: The Professional School Counselor’s Role in Assisting Twice-exceptional Children
  • Animals Serving Kids with Asperger's
  • How a Service Dog can Help 
  • A Place of Acceptance for Asperger Teens
  • More Asperger's Resources
  • The Value of Strength-based Programming
  • Autism Speaks
  • NAGC Annual Convention Coverage − Gifted/Talented Students on the Autism Spectrum: Empirically-based Recommendations for Intervention
  • ADDA Fall Regional Meeting − The Importance of Imperfection: Lessons on Living Well with Difficulties, Differences, and Disabilities; plus Diagnosis and Treatment: Future Directions in AD/HD Treatment & Diagnosis
  • Book Review − Look Me in the Eye
  • Book Review − School Success for Kids with Asperger's Syndrome
  • Columns: Dear Dr. Sylvia;  Bob Seney on Books; and Parents' Perspective − The System
  • Events

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