2004 Issues

Issue 3: February 2004

Special Feature: Homework and 2e Kids

  • Helping 2e Kids Cope with Homework
  • Done Your Homework on Homework?
  • "Good Homework" for 2e Students
  • Interview with Susan Baum
  • Book Review: Smart Kids with School Problems
  • Columns by Meredith Warshaw, Judith Halsted, and Dr. Sylvia Rimm
  • And more...

Issue 4: April 2004

Special Feature: AD/HD in Gifted Children

  • Does Your Gifted Child Have AD/HD?
  • Is It AD/HD? Is It VSL? Neither? Both?
  • Gifted Children with AD/HD
  • Columns: Meredith Warshaw, Judith Halsted, and Dr. Sylvia Rimm
  • News and Events
  • Conference Coverage: NECGT and NAGC
  • And much more...

Issue 5: June 2004

  • Special Feature: Homework and 2e Kids
  • Advocacy: Peter and Pamela Wright
  • Empowered Parents: Long Island Twice-Exceptional Children's Advocacy
  • An Interview with Rich Weinfeld: How One School System Came to Get It for 2e
  • The School System that "Gets It": Overview
  • A Profile: The Montgomery County Public School System
  • Wrightslaw Advocacy Seminar
  • Book Review: From Emotions to Advocacy, The Special Education Survival Guide
  • Interview with Special Education Advocate Peter Wright 
  • And Don't Forget the Wrightslaw Website
  • Organization Profile: SENG
  • AEGUS 2004 Conference − Learning Outside the Lines
  • Serving the Gifted/Talented Student with an Emotional/Behavioral Disability
  • Columns: Homeschooling 2e Children; Judith Halsted on Books; Ask Dr. Sylvia Rimm
  • News and Events

Issue 6: August 2004

Special Feature: Assessment and Evaluation

  • Types of Assessments and Evaluations
  • Assessment Q & A with Dr. Deirdre Lovecky
  • The Challenge of Assessing 2e Children
  • Interpreting Test Results
  • Arranging for Testing and Assessment
  • Counseling: A Primer for Parents of Talented Youth
  • Northwestern's CTD
  • Gifted Development Center Celebrates 25 Years
  • Who Needs Normal Anyway?
  • A Place to Bond: Summer Camp for 2e Kids
  • Columns: Judith Halsted on Books, Meredith Warshaw, and Ask Dr. Sylvia Rimm
  • News and Events

Issue 7: October 2004

Special Feature: Providing Support for Twice-Exceptional Students in the Cclassroom

  • Accommodating 2e Students
  • Asperger's and Beyond: Strategies that Work for Educators and Parents
  • What are Asperger’s and PDD-NOS?
  • Giftedness: Rising Awareness in the Media
  • The sorry state of gifted education, a Review of Genius Denied
  • Holding Back Our Brightest Students, a Review of A Nation Deceived
  • Assistive Technology Website
  • The IEP
  • Answering Some Questions on Goals and Objectives
  • Another Kind of Plan
  • Can Schools Do Enough?
  • Creating Environments for Developing Talent
  • Gifted Visual-Spatial Learners – The School Struggle
  • Universal High School: A Public School Program that WORKS for Our KidsUniversal
  • Columns
  • News and Events

Issue 8: December 2004

Special Feature: A Look at Output, the Work that Twice-exceptional Students Produce – or Fail to Produce

  • The Tortoise Hypotheses
  • Meeting the Needs of Gifted Underachievers - Individually!
  • The 51st Annual NAGC Convention
  • A Total Fit: Twice-Exceptional Learners and the Autonomous Learner Model
  • A Conversation with Drs. Higgins and Nielsen
  • Who are the Gifted? Ask the New WISC-IV.
  • Reversing Patterns of Underachievement
  • Book Review: Why Bright Kids Get Poor Grades and What You Can Do About It
  • Columns
  • News and Events

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