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From the November/December, 2016, issue of 2e: Twice-Exceptional Newsletter

Happenings in the 2e Community

2e Conference in New York

Quad Prep and the organization AEGUS (Association for the Education of Gifted Underachieving Students) have announced the dates for the third annual conference “Breakthroughs in Twice Exceptional Education.” The conference will be held March 15-16 at the Cooper Union in New York City, the same site as the previous conference. Find out more at

Educator’s 2e PD

Susan Winebrenner and two colleagues, Dina Brulles and Lisa Kiss, have announced a professional development bundle of products aimed at educators who teach twice-exceptional students. Issued in conjunction with Free Spirit Publishing, the bundle, titled “Teaching Twice/Multi-exceptional (2e) Students in Today’s Classroom,” consists of:

  • Copies of the new third edition of two books, Teaching Gifted Kids in Today’s Classroom and Teaching Kids with Learning Difficulties in Today’s Classroom (A 30% discount applies.)
  • Free online access to a professional development guide for leading ongoing discussion groups in the school or district (The guide allows one or more staff members to lead group discussion in either Book Study or PLC format.)

More information is available at

Davidson Academy Announces New Online High School

The Davidson Academy  has announced the launch of a new full-time online high school option opening for the 2017-2018 academic year, available to students living anywhere in the U.S. This option is in addition to the existing day school on the University of Nevada campus in Reno. For the 2017-2018 academic year, the online high school will include courses for incoming freshmen and sophomores. Courses for juniors and seniors will be added in subsequent years. Applicants must be 12 to 15 years old as of September 30, 2017. The application deadline is March 1, 2017. If space remains available, late applications will be considered until April 15, 2017. Find out more at

2e PD at Arete Academy

Arete Academy in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is now offering hands-on professional development for educators, administrators, and psychologists. Founding head of school Leah Brzezinski says, “Identifying, educating, and parenting children who are twice-exceptional learners is not easy. In our training we share what we have learned and what we continue to research, explore, and modify to best meet the needs of each of our students. Participants work side by side with us throughout the day, with time for sharing information and discussion.” The Academy has scheduled five-hour and day-and-a-half programs on dates in January, March, and May.

For more information, visit Arete Academy’s website, Interested educators may also call Leah Brzezinski at 952-737-7601.  


The National Association for Gifted Children has introduced a new strategic framework, announced at the recent 2016 convention, centered on Minds, Policies, and Practices. As part of the framework, NAGC has launched a campaign called “Giftedness Knows No Boundaries.” Of the campaign, NAGC Executive Director René Islas says, “Through this campaign we will allow the public to look into the eyes of gifted children and hear their pleas to “see me, understand me, teach me, and challenge me.” Find out more about the campaign at  

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