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From the May/June, 2017, issue of 2e: Twice-Exceptional Newsletter

The U.S. Education Budget

The Washington Post  examined the current president’s education budget, noting “deep cuts to public school programs in pursuit of school choice.” The cuts come in the areas of college work-study programs, public-service loan forgiveness, mental health services, and  advanced coursework as part of a $10.6 billion cut, said the  Post at The Post also issued a follow-up, claiming that the administration is proposing to eliminate: “Mental health services. Civics and arts programs. International education and language studies. Anti-bullying activities. Gifted and talented initiatives. Full-service community schools.”  Find the article at In a similar vein, Disability Scoop notes that “Deep cuts to Medicaid and other programs that people with disabilities rely on are at the heart of President Donald Trump’s first budget proposal.” Find the article at

Discount on Third Edition of Classic Book

To Be Gifted and Learning Disabled is one of the seminal works in the 2e field. Prufrock Press is releasing a third edition of the book on June 30, adding Robin Shader to the previous editions’ authors Susan Baum and Steven Owen. This edition updates the 2004 second edition. Prufrock states, “This updated third edition provides a comprehensive look at the complex world of students with remarkable gifts, talents, and interests, who simultaneously face learning, attention, or social challenges from LD, ADHD, and other disorders. Through case studies and years of research, the authors present a rationale for using a strength-based, talent-focused approach to meeting the needs of this special population.” Members of the 2e community interested in purchasing this book can go to the Prufrock site at, add the book to the shopping cart, and then use the code TBGLD20 to receive a 20 percent discount. 

Note to My Younger Self

The Child Mind Institute is sponsoring during May #MyYoungerSelf. Here’s what it says about the event: “Each day in May, the Child Mind Institute is sharing short videos from prominent figures about their personal experiences growing up with a mental health or learning disorder — and the advice they would give their younger selves and others in the midst of the same struggle.” Find who has already spoken at

NCLD Report on LDs

“The State of Learning Disabilities” is the newest edition of a report from the National Center for Learning Disabilities. According to NCLD, the report “provides key insight into the progress that has been made — and the work yet to be done — to raise expectations and improve outcomes for the 1 in 5 [U.S. children with learning disabilities]. The report also highlights the need for targeted policy reforms and additional research into evidence-based solutions that will help create a more inclusive society that recognizes the potential of all individuals.” Find the report at

New SENG Executive Director

Michael Postma, Ph.D., is now the interim executive director of SENG, Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted. In a letter to members, Postma says SENG will continue to offer its core programs, and then adds this: “I am very excited about the development of SENG Connect, an online portal with the capacity to connect SENGsters of all ages, ethnicities, orientations, and communities across the globe. I am also thrilled to explore continued expansion into Europe, Latin America and other gifted communities around the world.” See the SENG site at

Is SPD Real?

That’s the question that Slate takes on in a recent article. Why does that question matter? According to Slate, “It matters because tens of thousands of parents are convinced that their children’s behavioral issues are the result of sensory processing difficulties. They don’t believe, or can’t believe, that the real problem is anxiety, ADHD, or autism. It also matters because barrel-loads of money are on the line.” Read more at

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