September/October, 2018

Focus: 15 years of 2e

Publishers' Letter – Read an introduction to this issue.

Perspectives – The Evolution of 2e: 15-year Perspectives from Susan Baum, Dan Peters, Meredith Warshaw, and Marlo Payne Thurman. Read it.

Perspectives – Directions to the Future: 15-year Perspectives from Paul Beljan, Kim Busi, and Deirdre Lovecky. Read it.

Perspective – Appreciating the Diversity of 2e: 15-year Perspective from Linda Silverman. Read it.

A Little Ray of Hope – An essay of reassurance from a 2e kid who's grown up. Read it.

Goodbye 2e Newsletter, Hello 2e Resource. Read it.

Final Words from a Co-Publisher. Read it.

From the 2e Center for Research and Professional Development. Read it.

Bob Seney on Books: A Trilogy Not to Be Overlooked. Read it.

Dear Dr. Sylvia: Single Mom Needs Help Quickly. Read it.

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