May/June, 2018

Focus: Through the eyes of 2e

Publishers' Letter – Read an introduction to this issue.

Looking through the Eyes of 2e Using young people's creative work to better understand the 2e experience. (Available to subscribers)

Understanding the 2e Experience: A Conversation with Miriam Darnell An interview with an educator with over 30 years experience in working with twice-exceptional students. (Available to subscribers)

Does Different Equal Deficient? Young Advocate Says No!
A twice-exceptional eigth-grader delivers an important message to his local board of education. Read it.

Book Reviews: Differently Wired and Boost Two new books for your 2e library. Read it.

And When We See Through the Eyes of 2e, Do We Pay Attention? A teacher misses a chance for personal connection with a 2e student. (Available to subscribers)

Talking 2e to Political Candidates An example of how members of the 2e community can advocate to raise awareness of 2e-related issues. Read it.

Dear Dr. Sylvia: Perfectionism Difficult For Middle Graders. Read it.

Bob Seney On Books: The Knuffle Bunny Phenomenon. Read it.

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