May/June, 2017

Focus: The LD Side of 2e

Publishers' Letter – Read an introduction to this issue.

What’s Wrong with Me? Shifting the focus from what is "wrong" with 2e children to what they do well. Read it.

Seven Life Lessons I’ve Learned as a Special Needs Parent Insights the author has gained from dealing with her own child's unique set of challenges and strengths. (Available to subscribers)

Twelve Years of Twice-exceptional – A parent's reflections on 12 years of twice-exceptionality at her “House of Chaos,” and on her eye-opening encounter with a neurotypical teen. (Available to subscribers)

Resources for your LD Library – Useful books and other suggestions for getting up to speed on the gifted side of 2e. (Available to subscribers)

Annual Summer Camp Listing Ideas for keeping 2e kids engaged during the summer. Read it.

News from the 2e Center for Research and Professional Development Strategies to support learning differences and create a 2e-friendly classroom. Read it.

Bob Seney on Books: A Double Treat. Read it.

News – Read it.

Events Read it.

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