Dear Dr. Sylvia

Sylvia Rimm, educational psychologist, professor, author, and radio/TV personalityanswers parents questions about their gifted and twice-exceptional children.

September, 2018: Single Mom Needs Help Quickly

July, 2018: Is This Privacy Or Secrcy?

May, 2018: Perfectionism Difficult For Middle Graders

March, 2018: Gifted Child Needs Social Skills Help

January, 2018: Gifted Child Needs Challenge

November, 2017: Some Highly Gifted Children Are Obsessive

September, 2017: Going Head-to-Head with the School Gives Wrong Message

July, 2017: Strange Humor Typical at Ten

March, 2017: How to Share Gifted ID With Child

January, 2017: Sensitivity to Loud Noises

November, 2016: Bright Teen Has Poor Grades

September, 2016: Gifted Child Doesn't Qualify For Programming

July, 2016: Complex Tantrums Need Anger Management

May, 2016: Parents Confused By Varying Advice

March, 2016: Timing Can Cause Problems

January, 2016: Underachieving Mother Needs Guidance

November, 2015: Child’s Issue Should Be Discovered

September, 2015: Parents Should Explain ADHD to Child

July, 2015: Impulsiveness Could Have Many Causes

May, 2015: Perfectionist Wonders What's Wrong With Perfect

March, 2015: Perfectionist Students Can Lose Confidence in High School

January, 2015: Sibling Rivalry May Initiate Underachievement

November, 2014: Girls Who Underachieve in Math

September, 2014: Peer Influence Is Very Real

July, 2014: Boy Questions His Sexual Identity

May, 2014: Birth Order Can Affect Underachievement

March, 2014: Young Adult Should Begin With a Job

January, 2014: What Causes Children to Underachieve?

November, 2013: Boy is Slow to Read, Unlike Older Brothers

September, 2013: There Are Truly Many Gifted Children

July, 2013: Ill Child Has No Obvious Disabling Problems

May, 2013: Daughter Overcomes Disorders

March, 2013: Second Opinion Needed on 2e Boy

January, 2013: Update on Gifted Child Flirting with Asperger's

November, 2012: Gifted Children Aren't Always Highly Verbal

September, 2012: Smart High School Student is Underachiever

July, 2012: Second Sibling Discouraged by Older Brother

May, 2012: Two Educational Exceptionalities Are Difficult

March, 2012: Learning and Peer Problems Could Be Related

January, 2012: Mother Suspects Dyslexia

November, 2011: Processing Speed and Trouble with the SAT

September, 2011: Motivation Trumps All in Learning

July, 2011: Daughter Acts Like 6... Maybe 25... Sometimes 2

May, 2011: Your Child Has Some Talents

March, 2011: Mother Sees a Problem; Father Doesn’t

January, 2011: Eidetic Memory Unusual But Not a Problem

November, 2010: He's a Grandchild, Not a Diagnosis

September, 2010: Advice on Pencil Anxiety, Attention Addiction

July, 2010: Grades and Learning are Both Important

May, 2010: Child with Differences can Find Friends

March, 2010: Resistance to Attending a STEM School 

January, 2010: Stuttering May Come and Go

November, 2009: A Boy with a Set of Complex Symptoms

September, 2009: How to Motivate a Gifted Boy with Dyslexia

July, 2009: Gifted Boy with Attitude Lacks Motivation

May, 2009: What to Do about an Underachieving Boy

March, 2009: Test Results Don't Tell the Whole Story

January, 2009: Giftedness Does Not Cause Sloppiness

November, 2008: "And Timeouts for All"

September, 2008: "Perfectionist Pearl" Turns Underachiever

July, 2008: Can We Talk about My Sister's Son?

May, 2008: My Son Is Disorganized and Distracted

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