Parent's Perspective Columns

On ocassion we feature columns in 2e Newsletter by parents who share their experiences and the lessons they've learned as they've raised twice-exceptional children.

March, 2016: The Best Thing I Ever Did for My 2e Child

August, 2015: Graduation of a Gifted Kid

January, 2015: Coming Out of the 2e Closet

November, 2014: 2e: A Dyscalculia Story

November, 2014: I > Dyscalculia

May, 2014: A Little Autistic: What We Learned on Summer Vacation

May, 2013: Race-to-the-Middle and the Twice-ignored Child

May, 2010: The Search for a Psychotherapist

September, 2009: Jumping into 2e Trenches

July, 2009: You Don't Get to Pick 'em

May, 2009: It's Not Easy Being My Non-2e Child

March, 2009: My Son, the Navajo

November, 2008: The Arts and Children Who Think Outside the Box

July, 2008: "I Am a Crazy Rabid Squirrel. I Want My Cookies!"

May, 2008: Life in a Gifted and OCD Family

March, 2008: 2e Kids -- The Placement Dilemma

January, 2008: Surviving the College Application Process

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