About Us

Glen Ellyn Media is the writing and publishing business of Linda Neumann and Mark Bade, longtime professional writers and publishers of 2e Newsletterparents with personal experience in 2e issues. In addition to our other business writing, we developed and publish 2e: Twice-Exceptional Newsletter and the Spotlight on 2e Series of informational booklets.

Over time we've gained an understanding of the needs that twice-exceptional children have and the challenges they face. With our own children, it was a struggle to find the books that held the explanations, the professionals who had the understanding, and the organizations that could provide the support we needed as parents. One of our main goals in starting this newsletter is to make it less of a struggle for others who deal with twice-exceptional kids.

Our mission is to promote understanding of twice-exceptional children and what they need to reach their potential. An important part of that mission is to enhance communication and understanding among parents, educators, and medical/mental health professionals. To that end, we want to reach out to as many individuals in each of these audiences as possible. We welcome your input and want to incorporate your viewpoints and experiences into our articles. Our goal is to promote a holistic view of the 2e child – not just the high IQ, or the quirkiness, or the disabilities, but the child as a whole person.

Guiding us in producing this publication is our Editorial Advisory Board. To help ensure that the topics we cover are of interest to our audience members and that we  convey accurate and up-to-date information, we will rely on the judgment, opinions, and recommendations of these professionals.