What is 2e?

Maybe you know a bright child who seems lazy — a child who just never seems to work up to his or her potential. Some gifted children have learning difficulties that make it hard for them to display their true abilities. Children who are gifted in intelligence account for three to five percent of all children. Of those, however, as many as one-fifth may have some kind of learning difficulty — estimates vary greatly.

One common term for these children is GT/LD — gifted and talented/learning disabled. Another — one that encompasses a broader range of problems that affect learning – is twice exceptional, or 2e. This term refers to the fact that this group of gifted children are exceptional both because of their strengths and because of their limitations. Coupled with high intelligence, these children also may have one or more learning disabilities, attention deficit, autism spectrum disorder,  emotional or behavior problems, or other types of learning challenges. 

Here are some articles that help to explain what twice-exceptionality is all about.