Letter from the Publishers

July, 2018

In the early days of 2e Newsletter, using the term twice-exceptional would often draw a blank stare. It was highly unlikely to find it used in the media, and looking for an expert in the field was often a frustrating experience. But over time, things have changed, thanks in large part to people who have served as the voices of 2e. These individuals write about the topic, organize events to spread knowledge about it, and find ways to get the word out through media. In this issue we focus on six of the many “voices” who have had an impact:

  • Marcie Booth, who created a local, then international, online support group for parents of twice-exceptional children
  • Debbie Steinberg Kuntz, who accomplished a “stunning debut,” as they say in the tabloids, in the 2e public arena with the “Bright and Quirky Child Online Summit” earlier this year
  • Devon MacEachron, a parent turned psychologist who recently has established her public 2e voice on social media
  • Blogger Jen Merrill, who has been writing “Laughing at Chaos” (sound familiar to you parents?) for over a decade and more recently has become a book author
  • Debbie Reber, who founded the website (and movement) TiLT, putting out frequent podcasts for parents of differently-wired children and recently publishing a book
  • Filmmaker Tom Ropelewski, who found his 2e voice with the documentary “2e: Twice Exceptional” and has since done a follow-up.

As you take inspiration from our “voices,” don’t forget to check out our regular contributors — the 2e Center for Research and Talent Development; Bob Seney; and Sylvia Rimm. Each is a powerful voice as well.

And remember: Every time you clarify for a friend or relative exactly what twice-exceptionality is and why it’s important, you are a voice for the 2e community. Every time you advocate at school, or to the local media, or to your state or federal governmental representatives, you are a voice. Be loud. Polite, but loud.

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— Linda C. Neumann and J. Mark Bade

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