Letter from the Publishers

May, 2018

Our young people have a lot to tell us about themselves and how they see the world. That’s why we featured that viewpoint — through the eyes of 2e — in this issue. The trick is providing opportunities for expression…and then paying attention.

Some 2e young people shun labels such as “twice exceptional,” perhaps feeling, as they sometimes perceive others feeling, that “different is deficient.” In one article in this issue you’ll read about a young man who confronted that bias head-on, taking his viewpoint to the highest levels of local education.

Others, when asked in what they feel is an environment safe enough to express themselves, will provide insightful commentary on how they view themselves and twice-exceptionality, often in poetry or artwork. In this issue we offer you some examples of those expressions of self.

Part and parcel of any twice-exceptional young person are strengths, challenges, and — and often — creativity. Miriam Darnell, who has worked with 2e students for 30 years, knows how to engage based on those traits, and she offers her insights. On occasion, however, a 2e young person will present a parent or teacher with a blatant exposition of feelings and motives. You’ll read one example of this, as well, and discover what the recipient, a teacher, did — or did not do — with the insights being presented. 

Finally,  we offer an example of how members of the 2e community can advocate to raise awareness of 2e-related issues, and we offer reviews of a couple books we think will be useful to readers. In addition to these articles, you’ll find our regular columnists, news items, and events calendar.

Best of the summertime to those of you in the Northern Hemisphere. We hope that all of our readers will find at least one item in this issue that begs action, whether it’s informing yourself further on a particular topic, informing others, or making your home life or school life more compatible with the twice-exceptional children you raise or teach.

Thanks for subscribing!

— Linda C. Neumann and J. Mark Bade

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