Letter from the Publishers

March, 2018

Twice-exceptional students don’t, by definition, fit into the mold. They’re the square pegs, the outliers, the nonconformers. In school, they may need enrichment and challenge the normal classroom doesn’t provide. They may need to work at some subjects at their own pace because of processing speed or other issues. In homeschool, they may outstrip their parents’ abilities to cogently explain advanced topics or lack intellectual companionship with peers.

One answer to problems like these: digital learning. In this issue we provide views of various forms of digital learning for gifted and 2e students. Davidson Academy offers its middle and high school curriculum online to highly gifted students, including those unable to attend the brick-and-mortar campus in Reno, Nevada. The Gifted Homeschoolers Forum offers enrichment classes to homeschoolers and other students  who may be part of traditional public or private schools. Then there’s the Walking Classroom, a nonprofit organization that fuses podcasts with exercise to offer students surprising benefits. Finally, in another article on our featured topic, we see how the faculty at a Washington state school used online learning to help a twice-exceptional student reach his potential.

As part of our regular columns and features, you’ll find the second installment of the 2e Center for Research and Professional Development series on teaching high-ability students who are wired differently. The focus this time is on ways to help students on the autism spectrum succeed. And for those of you looking ahead to summer, we offer our annual summer camp listing.

We hope you enjoy the issue and find it filled with useful information.

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— Linda C. Neumann and J. Mark Bade

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