Letter from the Publishers

January, 2018

One of the main drivers of the 2e community is information. We all seek the information that will help us understand our twice-exceptional children, help them understand themselves, and help everyone fit nicely into school and our social milieus. That’s information to help us adapt.

But we can use information to help adapt the schools we’re engaged with, the social structures we’re part of, and the overall society we belong to. In that case, we send information the other way in acts of advocacy to bring about change to help our families — and every family in the 2e community. This issue is about advocacy.

Our lead article looks at advocacy at the federal and state levels and includes insights from NAGC’s director of government relations on how to make legislation serve the needs of our twice-exceptional children. In another article, the executive director of Twice Exceptional Children’s Advocacy talks about the benefits of parents organizing for strength and mutual support. An in a third article on this topic, education advocate Larry Davis offers parents strategies for making their advocacy efforts more successful. Also part of our featured topic are recommendations for advocacy resources and a primer on the language of 2e advocacy. Elsewhere in this issue, you’ll find our usual columns and features plus the last of our conference coverage from the 2017 NAGC convention.

Knowing how to advocate is one thing. Acting on that knowledge is another. We urge you to use what you read in this issue to help make things better for your family and for others in the 2e community. And let us know about your successes!

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— Linda C. Neumann and J. Mark Bade

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