Letter from the Publishers

January, 2017

Welcome to this first issue of 2017. So often when raising our twice-exceptional children we’re focused on the here and now — Will we ever get past these homework battles? Will my daughter ever master those math facts? Will my son ever remember to hand in his assignments on time? It can be hard to remember that the time will come when these issues will be behind us and our children will be moving on from school to the world of work. In this issue we gain insight into what that transition involves in an article titled “Twice-exceptional Young People: Overcoming Challenges, Realizing Potential in the Workplace.” A related article looks at corporate programs aimed at taking advantage of the talents and abilities of people on the autism spectrum, programs that both recruit candidates and offer them support once they’re hired.

Also in this issue we learn about a 2e-friendly private school in Austin, Texas, the KoSchool, that takes a unique approach to educating its students and provides those who are interested a pathway to entrepreneurship. In addition, our readers will find the wrap-up of our coverage of sessions from the 2017 NAGC Convention along with our regular columns, news, and other features. 

We’d like to remind our subscribers that all of the articles from our past issues — all 13 years’ worth — are available in the archives on our website. If there are issues from previous years that you’d like to have for yourself or to pass along to someone else, they are available for purchase. Look for ordering information here: www.2enewsletter.com/topic_store_back_issues.html.

We like to hear from our readers. If you have ideas for articles that you’d like to see in this publication, please let us know. Maybe you’d even like to write one.

Thank you for reading and supporting 2e Newsletter.

— Linda C. Neumann and J. Mark Bade

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