Letter from the Publishers

September, 2016

Welcome to the September/October issue of 2e: Twice-Exceptional Newsletter. With this issue, we mark the 13th anniversary of this publication. We hope all of our subscribers take advantage of the access they have to the many informative articles that have appeared in this newsletter since September of 2003.

The theme of this issue is strategies for a new year of learning, as our 2e students in the U.S. kick off a new school year. Contributors Melanie Hays, Kendra Wagner, and Tedra Osell each offer tips and recommendations for ways to engage twice-exceptional learners by better understanding their needs and building on their strengths.

Also in this issue we offer a first — an illustrated poem written by Kerri Lyons, prompted by her discovery of her own twice-exceptionality. In it, she tells both parents and educators what a 2e learner needs to succeed.
Elsewhere in the issue you’ll find our regular news items and columns — with a slight variation. Bob Seney steps out of his usual role as our children’s book reviewer to offer his thoughts on how to make the right match between readers and books when the readers are gifted or twice exceptional.

We wish our readers and the 2e young people in their lives a successful and satisfying school year. Thanks for subscribing!

— Linda C. Neumann and J. Mark Bade