Letter from the Publishers

July, 2016

Welcome to this mid-summer (for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere) issue of 2e Newsletter.
Pat Sciortino, author of our lead article on improvisational play, gave us the theme for this issue — authentic learning — when she wrote:

When is learning is authentic? When it encourages students to draw from their own experiences and knowledge base, while working within real contexts and performing tasks that might possibly lead to perspectives and ideas different from their own. Two essential and dynamic elements of any authentic learning are unplanned collaboration and incremental problem solving.

In both her article and an article about a talent development program in New York, we see examples of how 2e kids learn social skills through activities and projects that draw on their interests and talents and that challenge them to work together to solve problems. We see the same in the articles about Conservatory Prep, a Florida school for twice-exceptional learners that offers its students a curriculum built around projects, the arts, and community service.

Elsewhere in this issue you’ll find our usual news items and book and advice columns. (You’ll notice that one of our columns, from the 2e Center for Research and Professional Development, is on break for the summer.)
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We hope you enjoy this issue, and thank you for subscribing!

— Linda C. Neumann and J. Mark Bade

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