Letter from the Publishers

September, 2015

We welcome readers to our September/October issue. In this issue you’ll find the second article in our series on 2e-friendly schools. This time we look at one of the new private schools serving this unique population of students. In another ongoing series, on people whose lives have changed on becoming the parent of a 2e child, we profile Melissa Sornik and her journey from a parent seeking support to a professional providing support for parents and their twice-exceptional kids.

Along with our regular columns and features, you’ll find part 2 of our coverage of 2e-relevant sessions from the annual SENG (Supporting the Emotional of the Gifted) conference, held this year in Denver. And you’ll get a preview of what November’s NAGC (National Association for Gifted Children) convention in Phoenix has to offer the 2e community.

We showcase conferences for two reasons. One is that they can be very useful sources of information, which we try to pass on to readers. The other is to encourage readers to consider attending conferences. They can be great places to learn, to make connections, and to come to the realization that you — as parent or educator of a twice-exceptional child — are not alone in your quest and the challenges you encounter.

We welcome input from our readers. If you enjoy an article or find some especially useful information in an issue, please let us know. If you have ideas for future articles or would like to try your hand at writing one, contact us at editor@2eNewsletter.com. We’d love to discuss it.

We thank you for subscribing.

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