Letter from the Publishers

March, 2015

Your newsletter co-publishers were in a restaurant recently, after a long hard day preparing this issue, when from the next table we heard a woman make a comment about her amygdala — not a word one expects to overhear in restaurant conversation. A day or two later, as newsletter editor Linda Neumann was working on the book review for this issue (Quiet, about introversion) she discovered a section of that book that indicated our restaurant conversationalist must have read Quiet and was talking about high and low reactivity — emotional states related to the amygdala and the personality temperaments of introversion and extroversion. (There are two accepted spellings for the word extrovert — with an “o” and with an “a” — and you’ll see both in this issue, depending on the author.)

The focus of this issue is one of those temperaments — introversion, specifically introversion in gifted children. The topic is important because this group may be underserved in an educational world mainly geared toward extroverts and also because a much higher proportion of gifted children might be considered introverted than in the general population. For example, Linda Silverman estimates that 60 percent of gifted children and 75 percent of  highly gifted children are introverted. So it made sense to us to devote an issue of 2e: Twice-Exceptional Newsletter to this topic.

In this issue the lead article, titled “Giftedness and Introversion: Joy and Challenge,” differentiates introversion from extroversion and then delves into how to support gifted introverts at home and at school. In another article, you’ll find tips from Linda Silverman on identifying and teaching these quiet young people. You’ll also find reviews of two books, the New York Times bestseller Quiet, mentioned earlier, and a book aimed at parents and educators called Quiet Kids.

Along with our regular columns and features, you’ll find coverage of a recent conference on twice exceptionality and news about what’s happening on what is turning out to be something of a world tour for the maker of the film documentary “2e: Twice-exceptional.”

We thank you for subscribing to 2e Newsletter and for your continued support.

— Linda C. Neumann and J. Mark Bade

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