Letter from the Publishers

September, 2014

We’re pleased to offer the September/October issue of 2e: Twice-Exceptional Newsletter, marking the completion of 11 years of publication. The focus of this issue is on 2e tips and resources for the new school year. (Aussies and Kiwis, please save this issue for a few more months.)

In our lead article, personal and professional partners Elizabeth Nielsen and Dennis Higgins offer tips from their decades of research and practice in educating twice-exceptional students. Until their recent retirement, the pair were frequent speakers at conferences on gifted and 2e topics. Read their suggestions for helping 2e learners start the school year right.

Pat Sciortino has been an actress and comedienne, and she draws on some of that experience — along with 14 years of working with gifted and 2e kids — in an article called “Follow the Fear.” She starts with the premise that “fear of failure exists within everyone, especially when working in areas of weakness.” See where she’s going? Read the article to find how to build emotional strength in 2e learners.

Over the years we’ve been publishing, some excellent books have been updated, and in this issue we offer some mini-reviews of those new editions. Titles revisited include School Success for Kids with High-Functioning Autism; Smart Kids with Learning Disabilities; and Teaching Teens with ADD, ADHD & Executive Function Deficits.
In her “2e Tech” column, Marlo Payne Thurman argues that project-based learning is one way for asynchronous learners to engage in real-world thinking and problem solving. Read what she has to say about PBL for our kids.
In other columns, Bob Seney is back with a review of Louise Loves Art, and Sylvia Rimm answers a parent’s question about an underachieving young person who doesn’t want to stand out. Finally, find a variety of items relevant to the 2e community in our news section.

We wish you the best of luck this school year with that great twice-exceptional child you raise or teach.
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— Linda C. Neumann and J. Mark Bade

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