Letter from the Publishers

May, 2014

Welcome to the May/June issue of 2e: Twice-Exceptional Newsletter.

Since Autism Awareness month just ended, we decided to focus this time on twice-exceptional kids on the autism spectrum. In this issue you’ll learn about visual processing problems often seen in these children and how those problems can be addressed. You’ll find out why these kids struggle with social interaction and what effective social skills instruction involves. And, in another in our occasional Parents’ Perspective columns, you’ll meet family where everyone is “a little autistic.”

Also for this issue we polled some mental health professionals in the 2e community to get their perspectives on what has been a controversial subject surrounding the diagnosis of autism spectrum disorders (ASDs). It concerns a change made in the newest edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, an American Psychiatric Association publication that offers standard criteria for diagnosing mental disorders and is used by mental health and other medical professionals across the United States. Find out what our experts think about the impact these changes have had and may have in the future.

As the school year draws to a close, we hope you’ll remember a favorite teacher or administrator with a gift subscription to 2e: Twice-Exceptional Newsletter. We wish you either a happy spring (at last for many of us in North America!) or a happy fall, depending on where in the world you might be. Wherever you are, we thank you for subscribing.

— Linda C. Neumann and J. Mark Bade

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