Letter from the Publishers

January, 2014

A happy 2014 to all of our readers!

In this first issue of the new year, we look at a topic suggested to us by a reader: the 2e child who earns low verbal but high performance scores on IQ tests — the opposite of what many expect from twice-exceptional learners. Marlo Payne Thurman, a member of our Editorial Advisory Board, shares experiences with and recommendations for teaching these children. Dina Brulles and Laura Liuzzo discuss a way to test these kids that allows their capabilities to be more accurately assessed; and Rebecca Mann discusses the visual perceptual strengths of these students and suggests ways to tap into these strengths in the classroom.

Elsewhere in this issue, Mary McInerney offers steps parents can take in order to become their child’s best advocate; and we conclude our coverage of sessions from the 2013 NAGC Convention. Plus, you’ll find our regular columns, news, and other features.

We’d like to remind our subscribers that all of the articles from our past issues — all 10 years’ worth — are available in the archives on our website. If there are issues from previous years that you’d like to have for yourself or to pass along to someone else, they are available for purchase. Look for ordering information here: www.2enewsletter.com/topic_store_back_issues.html.

As mentioned at the start of this letter, the topic of this issue was suggested by a reader. If you have ideas for articles that you’d like to see in this publication, please let us know. We thank you for reading and supporting 2e Newsletter.

— Linda C. Neumann and J. Mark Bade

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