Letter from the Publishers

November, 2013

Welcome to our last issue for 2013. Our focus this time is gifted children with dyslexia — the most common of all learning disabilities. In our lead article, you’ll find out from Susan Baum how to make the classroom experience worthwhile for gifted dyslexic students. As this article makes clear, many of her methods can improve learning for all students, not just those who are twice-exceptional. Then from Dan Peters, a frequent contributor to 2e Newsletter, you’ll get a mixed-perspective account of what he’s learned both as a professional and as a father about raising gifted, dyslexic children. Finally, we offer a profile of extremes. It’s the story of a young man who is exceptionally gifted, has been extremely challenged by his dyslexia, and has been highly motivated to achieve both academically and, now, professionally. It’s a story to pass on to that bright, dyslexic young person you know who might wonder what the future holds.

Continuing with our theme of dyslexia, this issue includes a review of The Dyslexic Advantage, a book by Drs. Fernette and Brock Eide, plus a write-up of an NAGC Conference session that focuses on a concept developed by the Drs. Eide, Stealth Dyslexia. That article is one of several conference session write-ups from the World Conference for Gifted and Talented Children in August and the National Association for Gifted Children Convention earlier this month. Over the coming weeks, check our website for coverage of 2e-related conference sessions that we couldn’t fit into the newsletter.

We wish a Happy Thanksgiving to our U.S. readers, Happy Hanukah to our Jewish readers, and — to all — the best of the year-end holiday season.

— Linda C. Neumann and J. Mark Bade

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