Letter from the Publishers

September, 2013

This newsletter, Number 60, marks 10 years of publication for 2e: Twice-Exceptional Newsletter. In this issue you’ll find some highlights from the past decade.

In the fall of 2003, we published a 20-page issue featuring articles by Meredith Warshaw, Linda Silverman, Susan Winebrenner, newsletter editor Linda Neumann, and co-publisher J. Mark Bade. We let readers know about resources such as the NAGC, the Belin-Blank Center, Hoagies’ website, The Myth of Laziness, and the AlphaSmart portable keyboard for kids with writing problems. And we included news and events of interest to the 2e community.

Looking back, we recall that we didn’t know then how many twice-exceptional children there were, and we still don’t know. Estimates depend on one’s definition of giftedness, which learning challenges one includes as second exceptionalities, and whether one believes that the more gifted a child, the more likely that child is to have a learning challenge of some sort. The number is certainly in the hundreds of thousands.

When we started the newsletter, there were no schools that described themselves as being specifically devoted to twice-exceptional children. Now there is at least a handful, and a number of other schools provide resources and training so that educators can better teach these students. When we started covering conferences, twice exceptional was still a term unknown to many people. Now, we see the topic increasingly highlighted in “strands” at those conferences.

Over time, we expanded from publishing just a newsletter to also publishing our email briefing; from a single booklet, Parenting Your Twice-exceptional Child, to the nine-booklet Spotlight on 2e Series for parents, educators, and other professionals. And we’ve entered the world of social media, blogging and posting on Facebook and Twitter. Each issue of the newsletter now reaches thousands of readers.

We’ve collected lots of 2e-related quotes over the years, and you can see many of them at www.2enewsletter.com/topic_2e_thoughts.html. One of our favorites, simply because it represents an idea we try to eradicate, is this one from a parent who was talking to a school administrator about her child. “You can be gifted or you can be learning disabled,” said the administrator. “It’s against district policy to be both.” (So much for those hundreds of thousands of kids, all violating district policy.)

All subscriber comments mean a lot to us, whether delivered in person at conferences, via email, or scrawled onto renewal slips and sent by mail. We thank all of those whose comments, support, and feedback have been so important in motivating us to reach this anniversary. We also thank our many contributors, our columnists, and our Editorial Advisory Board members. And we thank certain family members without whom this newsletter wouldn’t have come to be.

Finally, we thank a handful of subscribers who have been with us since Issue 1, an eternity in the 2e world: Melissa, Wendy, Alison, Nancy, Julie, and The Rabbi.

— Linda C. Neumann and J. Mark Bade

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