Goodbye 2e Newsletter, Hello 2e Resource

September, 2018

The time has come for transitions. After 15 years, 2e Newsletter will have a new format, a new name, and new publishers. But the old publishers will not just fade away.

We plan to continue providing information to the 2e community under a new name, The 2e Resource. This website will be a remake of our current newsletter website, with many of the same features. You’ll find articles from the newsletter archives, news, event listings, book recommendations, and of course, resources. These include links to useful websites, advocacy information, an annotated bibliography focused on 2e learners, and a listing of 2e-friendly schools.

At The 2e Resource, you’ll also find information on our Spotlight on 2 Series, publications on educating and raising twice-exceptional children. We’ll be updating some of the 11 titles we currently offer and adding new titles to the series.

The 2e Resource is a work in progress. After its debut in November, the website will be growing and changing over time. Stop by and check it out. Let us know what you think and give us your suggestions for additional resources that we can share with the 2e community.

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