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August, 2015

This fall, families who are members of the 2e community have more choices than ever in terms of private schools catering to their K-12 kiddos. Of course, how much choice you have depends on where you live… or what you can pay… but as the social media world phrases it, 2e schools are definitely “trending.” Here are brief descriptions of the ones we know about, in alphabetical order. We look forward to providing a series of profiles on these schools in future issues.

Arete Academy of Exceptional Education

Open since September of 2014, this school in Hopkins, Minnesota, snagged the catchy url Founded by highly-credentialed Leah Brzezinski, the school’s mission is “providing a nurturing and comfortable environment for gifted students who learn differently.” The curriculum focuses on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math), and the school serves 22 students in K through 8th grade. School starts this year on August 31. Find out more about the school at

Big Minds Unschool

Located in Pinole, California, this six-year-old school has two campuses, one for up to 12 children in grades 1-4 and one for up to 15 children in grades 5-8. Founder Melanie Hayes uses self-directed learning to help her twice-exceptional students. School this fall begins on September 8, with a few slots available for new students. Find out more at

Bridges Academy

Bridges Academy, one of the longest-serving schools for 2e students, is in Studio City, California, and offers two programs in support of its mission “to educate twice-exceptional students.” One, the Phoenix Program, is for students 4-6; the other, the College Prep Program, is for students in grades 7-12. Advising the head of school, Carl Sabatino, is Susan Baum, familiar to readers of this newsletter as an important figure in the decades-old movement to properly recognize and serve twice-exceptional children. School for over 160 students starts this year on August 20.

Newsletter readers are familiar with the school’s philosophy and strategies through many articles that have appeared over the years written by Bridges faculty and staff. Find out more at

The Lang School

Manhattan’s first private school dedicated to twice-exceptional students was founded in 2010 by Micaela Bracamonte. Today it serves K-12 twice-exceptional students in multi-grade classes of no more than 12 students, according to its website. Each class  is taught by teachers with gifted and special ed experience. Other support professionals (OTs, psychologists, speech/language therapists) are available.
Schools starts on September 16 for about 50 students. Find out more about the school and its namesake at

McNaught School

Described as a “micro-school,” McNaught School in San Jose, California, operates on a full-year, 12-month basis, accepting students throughout the year. Founders Amy Steinberg and Emilie Clemmens emphasize small classes, personalized learning, integrated SEL (social and emotional learning), and real-world experiences. Currently the school serves K-6 students but plans to grow to K-12. Classes began in the middle of August.
Find out more about the school and its namesake at

The Quad Preparatory School

Opened in September of 2014 for 2e students aged 10-14, Manhattan’s Quad Preparatory School plans to expand by a grade per year so that the school eventually serves learners in grades K-12. Founded by psychiatrist Kim Busi, the school is also offering a “pilot class” of an early childhood program starting this fall. In March of 2015, the school hosted a 2e conference and fundraiser that was covered in 2e Newsletter. The head of school is Ellen Richer. Find out more about the school at

Reid Day School

Looking to bring a 2e school to Orange County, California, is Lisa Reid, founder of the Reid Day School opening this fall — September 8 is the first day of school. Initially, the school will have two sections, one serving grades 1-3 and one serving grades 4-6. Neither section will exceed six students. Students may be part-time or full-time. Of note is Reid Day School’s integration of SENG Model Parent Groups and its collaboration with professionals from the Summit Center for evaluations, educational therapy, and learning support services. Find out more at

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